Everyday Annoying Things That We Do And People Do Not Like

Whether you admit it or not, you and everyone of us has a couple of bad habits that agitate the people around us. It can be something as simple as sneaking in an occasional cigarette or cursing too much when you speak. You may not notice these things but you can be assured that the people around you notice them and do not appreciate you much for it. If you think that you do not have any bad habits, just ask the people around you and they will start listing off normal things that you do every day and you will be astonished to know what ticks other people off. Before they start listing, take a look at our list and ask yourself if you do one of these things.


Every one of us does this. In an effort to be humble, we “unintentionally” let slip of something that we wanted to brag about. Take for an instance, “I had to hire a driver because I did not know how to drive my brand new car.” You might think that because you do not know how to drive a particular car, you are being humble, but the truth is that people will see it as a brag about the new car.

Not Standing To A Side On An Escalator

You might not have thought of escalator etiquettes being a thing but it actually is. It is polite to stand to the right of the escalator if you are going to stand still. This is so that for the people in a hurry, the entire left side is wide open for them to walk up or down an escalator.

Being Rude When You Order At A Restaurant

When you order at a restaurant, it is always polite to start your order with “May I please have a…?” instead of “Can I get a…?” This happens to the best of us when we are in a hurry but you have to know that it is quite impolite to the staff if you often go with the latter.

Not Holding The Door Open

It is always polite if you hold the door open for someone behind you. When we are in a hurry, we often forget this good habit and it goes of as quite an annoying and rude gesture. Also, if you see someone holding the door for you, grab the handle and ask them to go before you instead of just going through the door yourself.

Hoarding The Entire Sidewalk

When you are walking with your friends or loved one on a crowded sidewalk, make sure to walk in a single file so that you let other people cross you. If you hoard the entire sidewalk to your group, someone in a hurry would have to step off the sidewalk onto the road and cross you.

Singing Along Songs

We all are guilty of doing this. We can never be as good as the people who sang the song in the first place which is why, we ruin it for the people around us. When you are in company, avoid singing along the song and letting other people enjoy the sweet notes as well.

Leaving Your Shopping Cart At The Checkout

The next time you visit your local supermarket, always return the cart to the proper place instead of just leaving it at the checkout counter or in the parking lot. Shopping carts often trail away with the slightest wind and might end up hitting someone else’s parked car or occupy a parking space that would have been perfect for someone.

Repeatedly Talking About Your Busy Life

You might be pretty busy with your work but you should never forget to make time for the people who matter. It is quite annoying when someone asks you for a lunch or a dinner and you always have the same response that you are busy. Learn to make time for the people around you.

Using Your Phone When Someone Is Talking To You

This is one of the most annoying habits. When someone is trying to talk to you, look up and keep your phone in your pocket. If you give half-hearted replies because you were too engrossed in your smartphone, the person talking to you in person will feel ignored and will eventually just stop talking to you.

Tapping Your Feet

We get it. Everyone gets nervous and our feet start to tap automatically. However, some of us are in the habit of tapping our feet when we are sitting on a desk. This creates quite a lot of distraction for the people around you and it almost always comes off as a lack of concern for the people around you.

Parking Close To The Parking Lines

Always try to park your car in the center of the parking space so that there is enough room for the doors to open for both you and the car next to you. However, in a hurry, many of us tend to park close to the line or sometimes even over the line.

Leaving Empty Containers In The Fridge

This is just a lazy habit that everyone hates. If you finished something in the fridge, do not put empty cartons or containers back in the fridge. Instead, go out and replace the food item that you just emptied out.

Not Knowing Email Manners

That’s right. There are email etiquettes too. When you are working on a project that has many people in the thread, some people just tend to reply to everyone on the thread even if it was not something relevant to be sent to all.

Messing Up The Grocery Store

When you are out buying groceries and essentials, you often tend to pick up a few things before putting them back. Make sure that you put it back on the right shelf instead of the one nearest to you. If you do not do that, the employees will just have a hard time reshelving everything back to their proper places.

Talking In The Movies

We can all, unanimously, say that we hate the people who talk during the movies. This happens mostly in horror movies where there is always someone who ends up shouting, “He is right behind you” or “Don’t go there.” Also, there are many people who start to talk among themselves instead of enjoying the cinematic experience.

Wearing Too Much Cologne

If you regularly wear cologne, ensure that you are wearing just the right amount of it. Overdoing it will just put off the people around you. The right count is just a couple of squirts. You are supposed to emit a slight fragrance and not just annoy someone or make them faint with breathlessness.

Using The Wrong Checkout Counter

Most of the supermarkets have an express counter where you can checkout if you have less than 10 items in the cart. There are still many people who stand in queues for an express checkout with more than 10 items in their cart. That is just super annoying and you end up holding the line for the others behind you.

Talking On Your Phone At The Gym

When you are at the gym, you want to get into the zone of working out. You do not want to hear someone having a conversation on their phone, talking about their personal lives over the sound of music. Extend the same courtesy to others and do not take a phone call while you are inside the gym.

Not Replacing The Toilet Paper Roll

If you are the one who finished a toilet paper roll or there are only a few pieces of paper left after you use, ensure that you spend a few seconds to replace the roll. You would not like it either if you were on the throne and the paper ran out.

Humming A Song In Public

The only thing that will be stuck in people’s head would be “What is the name of this song?” They will end up cursing you for humming the song in public. So, the next time, sing in your mind rather than make a sound in front of others.

RSVPing At The Last Minute

If you are invited to an occasion, RSVP as soon as you can. The host has to undergo a lot of pressure in making the event perfect and if you wait until the last minute, there are chances that the host has assumed that you are not going to make it.

Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

If someone is in a hurry to use the toilet, they might not check whether the seat is up or down. Chances are that they might end up falling in the toilet water. While you may think it to be hilarious, it is quite annoying and you should make it a habit to put the seat down.

Stopping While Walking

When you realize that you left something behind, you take a moment to stop abruptly in your path. The person walking behind you might not be aware of the situation and they would find it pretty annoying to walk around you or bump into you.

Fishing Food Out Of Your Teeth

The only thing that is more annoying than that piece of food that you have stuck between your teeth is watching you pick it out. If someone ever tells you that there is food stuck between your teeth, excuse yourself and go to the nearest washroom and then pick it out with a toothpick.

Listening To Music Loud

It’s great that you enjoy music. However, the person next to you might not enjoy it as much or might not like the same genre as you. So, never play your music out loud in public or loud enough that the sound blares out of your headphones.

Sniffing Instead Of Blowing Your Nose

Many a times, you will have that astray booger in your nose irritating you. So, instead of blowing your nose loudly in a tissue, you start to sniff loudly and nonstop. This is one of the most irritating things that you can do around people.

Taking Up Both Armrests

When you are in a public transport or a movie theatre, do not be that person who steals the armrests on both the sides. It is always polite to share the armrests with the person sitting next to you.

Chewing Loudly

As children, we are taught to eat with our mouths closed. Also, we are taught not to chew loudly so as not to disturb the people around us. However, many of us still take loud slurps of soup and chew salads loud enough to annoy the people around us. Also, don’t moan while you are eating tasty food.

Not Obeying Traffic Rules On A Bike

Are you someone who enjoys a good bike ride regularly? If yes, then ask yourself if you follow all the traffic rules. You might be thinking that the traffic rules do not apply to the bikes since you can’t get a ticket for them. However, you can be the cause of a traffic accident if you do not obey all the traffic rules.

Blocking The Sidewalk For A Selfie

With selfies all hyped up because we want the most number of likes on our social media, sometimes, we end up taking a selfie while we are walking on the sidewalk. This often ends up blocking the sidewalk and that is just annoying when you have to stop to let someone finish taking the picture.

Typing In All Caps

If you type in all Caps, it sounds quite aggressive and it feels like you are shouting to make a point. It is not polite to shout in person and it is not polite to shout on a text. Next time, use the sentence case and turn off the caps lock on your keyboard.

Texting While Walking

It is not only dangerous but also annoying when you text while walking. Since all your focus diverts to answering and reading the texts, you might wander off to the road and get into a major accident or you might simply end up annoying people by bumping into them.

Making Everything About You

Not everything in the world is about you. If you are someone who ends up making every conversation about you, stop being that someone. It is quite annoying and comes off as a narcissistic behavior.

Starting A Second Line

When there is a queue, the only thing that you can do is stand in it. Do not be the person who cuts in front of someone or starts a second line instead of getting in the back. If you are that person, know that it is quite an annoying habit.

Hoarding Seats In Public

You might have noticed it that people sitting in public spaces often fill in the seat next to them with their bags. We understand that you love your luggage but do not hoard seats like that. Someone might want to simply sit there and wait too.

Standing Too Close To People In A Line

There are a lot of etiquettes that you should follow when getting in a line. One of them is that you should not stand in the personal space of a person. You don’t want to be that guy who breathes on the neck of the person in front of you.

Fidgeting With A Pen

If you have your own cabin and there is no one around, click the pen all you want. However, do not do that in front of someone since it is a very annoying sound to hear repeatedly.

Not Letting People Get Off An Elevator Before Getting On It

We understand that you might be in a hurry but you can only fit so many people in an elevator. When you are getting on an elevator, always wait for the people to get off on that floor before you start pushing them inside again.

“No Offence”

If you start your sentence with “no offence”, it means that you are going to offend someone. These two words are just a disclaimer that are followed by a pretty offensive thought.

Being Late

Always be on time. It is quite annoying to be waiting for someone when you decided upon a time together. And even if you are late, just apologize and do not make any excuses. You have already wasted a lot of time being late.

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