Everyone Should Know How To Do These Basic Things

If you want to live a healthy and productive life, you have to learn to be independent. A truly independent person is one who has mastered the basic skills required for survival in the world today. Once you have done that, you will not only be able to help yourself in everyday life but also help others who do not know as much about survival as you do. Here are some of the basic things that everyone should know how to do.

Build A Fire

Everyone should know how to build a fire because it was one of the first things that lead to the invention of all the other things in the world. Also, it will help you stay warm if you are ever stranded without any foreseeable help around you.

Use A Computer

This is the age of technology and almost any task can be done on a computer today. This is why, in order to be truly independent, you should learn to operate a computer if you do not know how to already. This way, you will be able to do most of your work without depending on someone else.

Use Google Effectively

Google is a search engine that has answers to almost any problem that we have. Even though it has been around for more than a decade, people still are unaware about the proper way to make the most out of the search engine. There are many guides available on the internet which will help you understand how to put in the search query in a search engine to get the desired results.

Perform CPR And THe Heimlich Maneuver

First aid techniques like the CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver can come in handy when you see someone unconscious or unable to breathe because they are choking. It could be anybody in a public place and chances are that you might be the only person in the room who could help.

Drive A Manual Transmission Vehicle

Never just depend on the car to be equipped with automatic transmission. You might have seen people in movies and TV shows unable to do anything just because they do not know how to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. This is why, you should always be prepared for any type of a situation.

Basic Cooking

Even though there are restaurants that are open 24/7, you have to learn the basics of cooking. It will help you in times of need when there is no other option but to go out, buy groceries, and cook for yourself. It can be something as basic as eggs and steak so that you are not hungry in dire times.

Know How To Tell A Story

Everyone must know how to be a good orator. If you are unable to keep the attention of the people around you, the words coming out of your mouth are just a waste of effort. You should take a course in public speaking if you are unable to keep the attention of people while you are telling a story.

Win Or Avoid A Fistfight

Ideally, you should always avoid a fistfight. However, if the other person is just asking for it, you should be able to teach him or her a lesson. This is why, you should take a class in self defence so that you are always prepared when the times comes.

Deliver Bad News

Every one of us faces the eventuality where we have to be the one to deliver some bad news. It is not just about conveying the message. You have to be there to comfort the person on the other end as well.

Change A Tire

Even if you do not own a car, you should be able to change a tire. This will come in handy when you or someone else is stranded on the side of the road and need help. You can learn it online since there are several videos that teach you how to change a tire.

Handle A Job Interview

Many people are not able to handle their nerves when it comes to job interviews. They are always fidgeting in their seats or looking everywhere around them. You should always be prepared for an interview and you can do that by going through the answers that others have given to the basic questions that are asked in every interview. You also have to work on your confidence.

Manage Time

Not everyone is a master of managing time. People often waste the precious time in each day, trying to spend their efforts in mundane tasks that do not lead to productivity. This reduces the effectiveness of the day and the work that you actually have to do starts to pile up.

Speed Read

Speed Reading is a great way in which you can save your time. You identify and go through the main points in a text and that gives you the overall gist of the entire text. This is a great way in which you can understand what is being said without going through it all.

Remember Names

There are a lot of people who forget the names of the people around them seconds after meeting them. This portrays lack of care and the other person begins to think that you do not value their friendship enough to even remember their name.

Relocate Living Spaces

You can always hire people to help you relocate but if the time comes when you have to move out of your living quarters and you do not have the resources to hire someone, you should be able to pack up all your things in boxes and effectively move yourself.

Travel Light

It always comes in handy when you know how to travel light. You can always buy new things but there is a limit to the stuff that you can carry on vacation. For instance, do not pack in supplies that you can get for free in a hotel room. It is just a smart decision, not to mention a cheaper one, to know how to travel light.

Handle The Police

Ever see the red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror? It is always a good thing to know how to handle such situations. Instead of freaking out and escalating the situation, you should know how to talk calmly with the authorities and not end up in jail.

Perform The Basic First Aid

When you are at home, there are a lot of things that can injure you. For instance, when you cut your hand on a knife, you do not have to rush to the ER. You can just dress up the wound at home and not bother the hospital staff with injuries that could have been self-dressed.


Everyone should know how to swim. It is a basic survival technique that can come in handy in case of a natural calamity like a flood. It is also one of the most relaxing things to do when you are travelling to the beach.

Parallel Park

When you are up for a license exam, parallel parking is one of the many things they ask you to perform. This is because when you have to park your car at the side of the street, it usually involves parallel parking between two cars. Even though it is one of the most necessary things in life, not many people know how to do it.

Know Your Alcohol Limits

When you are out having drinks with your friends, you should know when your body has had enough and stop drinking. If you are unaware of your limits, chances are that you will be completely out of your mind and someone else will have to take care of you and make sure that you reach back home safely.

Select Good Produce

Everyone should know how to select good produce when they are at the farmer’s market. This will help you avoid awful surprises in case the greengrocer puts in rotten fruits and vegetables in your bags just because you were unaware about how to select the good ones.

Handle A Hammer, Axe, Or Hand Saw

When there are things broken in your house, you should know how to fix them instead of calling someone in for little things. You should know how to use the tools in your house so that you can start to hammer in the stray nail that has been sticking out of your floor.

Make A Simple Budget

It is not a good thing to be in debt. You should know how to control your spendings on the basics of your income so that you are able to save some up for a rainy day fund. All this can be done by just preparing a simple budget which you will have to adhere to.

Speak The Common Tongue

English is one of the highly sought after languages but only 25% of the world’s population speaks the tongue. This means that you have to learn a second tongue so that you are able to communicate your thoughts with the people around you.

Do Push-Ups And Sit-Ups Properly

Push-ups and sit-ups are some of the simplest exercises that you can do right in the middle of your house. However, if you are not able to do them properly, chances are that you are going to be hurting your body more than you are improving it.

Give A Compliment

Everyone should know how to give someone a compliment without sounding too creepy. Compliments are just a part of making friends and getting into relationships but not many people know the art of simply telling someone that they look beautiful.


When you are living in the modern world, you will buy something which will surely be out of your budget. However, if you are a good negotiator, you can get a good deal. Negotiation also comes in handy when you are trying to talk someone in or out of something.

Listening To Others

When you are in a conversation, you should listen more and talk less. This will help you understand better about the situations that the others are in and also make you a better friend. People will know that if they want to talk to someone, you would be a good listener.

Know About Basic Geography

This will come in handy when you are in a conversation with someone about any topic. Usually, states and countries are mentioned and if you are clueless about everything, people will think that you did not do well in school. You should know the states in your country and the capitals of most of the countries around the world.

Paint A Room

In order to be truly independent, you should be able to paint a room. This is because if you do it yourself, you will save up to 90% of the cost. A simple paint job in your house should be something that you are able to do and not end up paying someone so much.

Make A Short Public Speech

You should be aware of the things that are going on around you. This will help you make conversations and you will not be stuck fumbling for words in your mind. Whenever you are posed with a question, you should answer in a clear and crisp manner so that everyone in the room can understand the things that you are trying to explain.

Smile For The Camera

We are a generation that loves taking pictures. Selfies are dominating the social media platforms and it only makes sense that you should know how to smile for the camera. If you do not know, either you will be the one with the frown or the one with the creepy smile.

Know How To Flirt

Flirting is a very delicate art and you should know that there is a fine line across which flirting becomes a terrible and utter disaster. It should not look like you are trying too hard but it should also seem like you have put in enough effort.

Taking Notes


When it comes to taking notes, it does not mean that you have to note down everything that was being said. You should simply know how to take down the key words so that you are able to understand the note later on.

Be A Respectful House Guest

When you need a place to crash, you should know the basic etiquettes of being a house guest. You should never overstay your welcome otherwise you will never be invited again.

Make A First Good Impression

Aristotle said, “well begun is half done”. When you meet someone new, you should know how to make a strong first impression because chances are that the rest of your actions will be judged on the basis of your first impression.

Navigate With A Map And A Compass

This will come in handy when you are in the wilderness and the GPS in your phone is not working because of the loss of reception. Instead of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, you should know how to get out of the wilderness using a map and a compass.

Sew A Button On Clothing

If a button fell out of your shirt, you should know how to sew it back on rather than just throwing away the shirt and buying a new one. This will save you thousands of dollars over the years and you will be thankful for learning the small skill.

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