Facts About Cheating That Will Make You Doubt Your Relationship

Getting into a relationship requires a lot of trust in someone. If you are not able to trust someone, you will always doubt their intentions in the relationship and will always have issues with fidelity as well. For the people who are too deep in love, cheating comes as a kick in the nads and these people are not able to trust anyone anytime soon. You should always be wary of how your partner behaves with other people and keep a close eye on their loyalty as well. Here are some facts that will make you doubt your partner and think about your relationship with a magnifying glass in your hand.

Men Avoid Protection When They Cheat On Their Partner

This was the result of a study conducted by the people over at the Partners PrEP Ancillary Adherence and they reported that the men who cheat on their primary relationship are not that careful when it comes to using protection.

Cheating Leads To Higher Risks Of Heart Attacks

There are a lot of factors that contribute to this higher risk of heart attacks. These include unfamiliar settings, uncomfortable settings, and the fear of getting caught. It is known as “sudden coital death” and there is an added physical and emotional stress.

Larger Your Size, Higher The Chances Of Your Wife Cheating On You

Larger the size of the male genitalia of a heterosexual male, higher the chances of your wife cheating on you with someone else. This was the result of a study published in PLOS One which stated that with every inch, men in Kenya increased 150% chances of being cheated on.

Jazz Listeners Cheat More Often Than Other Genre Listeners

19% of the cheating people in the survey admitted that their choice of music during the act would be Jazz, 7% liked Classical Music, 3% liked Gospel, and 2% liked Rap.

Modern Fidelity Is Centralized Around Social Media

Communication has become quite easy with social media available so easily to everyone. From innocent conversations to sparkling affairs, everything has become so easy and people can start relationships from the comfort of their couch. A study in 2014 showed that 33% of the breakups had just one reason behind them, social media.

Low Levels Of Vasopressin Causes People To Cheat

Vasopressin is the hormone in the body that makes you want to cuddle. This is the hormone that stops men from cheating on their partners. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that men who had higher volumes of vasopressin or oxytocin are less likely to choose other women over their partners.

Men With Deep Voices Are More Likely To Cheat

A survey was conducted among women and the women said that men with deep voices are more likely to cheat on women than people with higher pitches.

34% Of Women & 56% Of Men Were Happy To Cheat

In her book The State of Affairs, Esther Perel explains how people felt very happy when they were cheating on their partners and cited reasons such as self-exploration, risk, and fear of missed opportunities.

People Are More Likely To Cheat On Wednesday Afternoons

AshleyMadison.com is a popular website where people seek out partners. They surveyed nearly 172,000 of their users and found out that people are most likely to cheat on their partners on Wednesday afternoons between 5 to 7 PM.

Christians Are More Likely To Cheat Than Jews

A study was conducted and it was found that 34% of Christian singles reported to having more than one relationship while only 16% of the Jew singles admitted to the same.

Emotional Cheating Is More Hurtful For Women

Women do not feel hurt with physical cheating as much as they do with emotional cheating. However, things are different with men and they feel more cheated with physical cheating and emotional cheating is not that big a deal for them.

Affairs Have A Habit Of Starting In The Workplace

Surveys have shown that 85% of the people who cheat do so when they are working late in the office or when they are away on business trips.

Fake Climaxes Might Be A Sign Of Infidelity

It was found out that people who fake climaxes during intercourse are more likely to cheat and men are more likely to stay faithful to a woman if she reaches zenith frequently during intercourse.

A Man Earning Less Than His Partner Is More Likely To Cheat

In a survey, it was found out that 15% of the men who earn less than their partner are more prone to cheating on their partner while the same was true for only 5% of the women who earn less than their partner.

Blonde Women Are More Likely To Cheat Than Other Women

Cheaterville.com found out that 42% of the blonde women that they surveyed had already cheated or were ready to have some fun with people other than their partners. These numbers also included the women who were more prone to crossing boundaries in a relationship.

Cheating Is Correlated To Shopping

It was found that 1 in every 3 women who cheated on their partners spend double the amount that a non-cheating woman spends on shopping.

Existence Of The Cheating Gene

While most people blame the upbringing of a person for cheating behaviour, research has found out that cheating can also be due to genetic causes. People who are born with the DRD4 gene want to have some thrill in their sexual fantasies and that is why they cheat on their partners.

Children Born From Infidelity

Another study found out that nearly 3% of the children born in the world are a result of one of their parents cheating on the other. Most of these children are never told about the existence of their biological fathers as well.

Men In Finance Are More Likely To Cheat

On the other hand, the same holds true for women who are involved in the education sector.

A German Company Provides Alibies For Their Cheating Clients

Perfect Alibis is a business dedicated to providing the perfect fake invitations, alibis and plot cover-ups, all so that their clients do not get caught by their primary partner.

The Guilt Of Cheating Is Very Heavy

Many people have admitted that they cannot live the guilt of cheating on their partner and that they would rather have their partners figure out the truth.

Men Cheat More Often Around Milestone Birthdays

AshleyMadison.com found out that when men near their 40th or 50th birthday tend to seek out secondary partners. They do so in order to find meaning in their lives.

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