Fashion Design Fails That Are Only Funny If You’re Not The One Who’s Wearing Them

Fashion can either be totally hot or a total miss. Oddly enough, fashion fails can be just as eye-catching for all the wrong reasons. Just look at these humongous fashion fails that are a total eyesore. These designers should have really looked at their creations from all angles before unleashing it on an oh-so-vulnerable public.


You’ve Got Stained


The designer was probably trying to come up with some sort of printed pattern for their maxi dress. But why did they have to add that horribly embarrassing stain in the back? It looks like the woman wearing it was lactose intolerant and had a major accident or maybe she slipped and fell into a mud pit.


Unicorn Heels


Unicorn heels are okay if you’re a cosplayer or a pre-teen. But a grown adult should not be caught out in public wearing these hideous-looking pumps. They’re like the opposite of what shoes are supposed to do for your outfit. That being said, we’re low-key wondering if they’re actually comfortable!


Is She the Mother of All Snakes?


You have to really love snakes if you wear something remotely similar to this. Everyone will stare at you, but no one will want to touch you because they’re afraid of getting bit by a snake. On the other hand, it’s a great dress to wear on those days you want everyone to just leave you alone.


Meet Male-leficent


Maybe this guy’s hoping to land a role as Angelina Jolie’s love interest in the sequel to “Maleficent.” But this yellow hat with horns is such a huge fashion fail, we’ve run out of words! We’re kind of surprised that the lady next to him is able to sleep on the subway. We’d be too afraid that he might run us through with those horns.


The Bigfoot Coat


Did the fashion designer find Bigfoot and skinned him to design this coat? Trying to stay warm is one thing. But this is taking things to a whole new level, (and not an aesthetically pleasing one!) That poor lady wearing this monstrosity needs to stay away from wooded areas to avoid being mistaken for a bear or some other wild animal.


The Perky Fashion Fail


For starters, the shirt is hideous on its own. But the designer should have put two of those pearly white balls somewhere else. Then again, this questionable shirt probably had its perks as it had everyone’s heads turning. Too bad it was for all the wrong reasons, though!


Kitty Cat Tight Pants


These pants have faces of cats with eyeglasses on them. It’s too bad that the designer didn’t have a pair of glasses of their own, so they could have realized how bad this would look on a real person. But whoever picked this fashion eyesore isn’t exactly guilt-free, either!


Buy a What?


Buying the ugliest clothes is bad enough, but getting one that has a confusing message on the front is even worse. Obviously, the last part is supposed to say “buy me a shot.” But we can certainly see people at a single’s bar offering someone a bag of their dog’s business by mistake.


Meet Mrs. Furry Pants


Wanting to stay warm in the winter is one thing, but wearing a pair of furry pants is just insane. No one should ever go jogging wearing something that makes them look like they’re half human and half goat.


Eye See You


This gal doesn’t need eyes in the back of her head. She has one huge eye printed on the back of her dress. Or is that a coat? And does it even matter? No, of course it doesn’t! The designer must have had a bunch of leftover fabric on the floor and decided to sow everything together just for kicks. Art, huh?


Leave the Hood On


When the hood is on, the back of this jacket reads “Anti Animal Cruelty Club.” There’s nothing wrong with that obviously. But when you take the hood off, it blocks the word “Anti.” So, all of a sudden, you’ve got PETA coming after you. The designer should have taken the hood into account.

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