Photos Reveal What Happens When Toddlers Are Left Alone

We all know that toddlers are cute little bundles of joys, but they can create a lot of mess for us to handle if we leave them unsupervised even for 30 seconds. If you have a baby or are planning of having a baby, we urge you to have a look at this list of toddlers creating a mess when they are left alone. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Paint Project Goals

Playing with paint is really fun and the fun doubles if you have a partner to play with. The look on their faces shows that they don’t regret it. We can assume that these boys didn’t have any papers, so they decided to paint their faces.

“I Was Just Checking My Emails”

This photo is a prime example of why you should never leave electronics gadgets alone with kids. The toddler doesn’t seem too much worried about it. Although there is some guilt on the baby’s face, we find it really adorable.

“Honey, We Need a New Couch”

If you have a toddler in your house, it is imperative for you to hide all the markers and pens. And do make sure you buy a special vault that should be used to store permanent markers. This toddler was left alone and he knew how to make the best of the opportunity. So, he created something that’s not coming out anytime soon. Better buy a new couch.

Sugar Addict

This baby looks like he just loves sugar. We are not sure what the parents were thinking when they left their baby with a bag of powdered sugar. The inevitable happened and this picture shows how much the kid enjoyed playing with powdered sugar.

Toilet Paper Fun Party

Many toddlers really love to spin toilet paper off the roll, but they can take it a bit further if you leave them alone in the bathroom for 20 seconds. This toddler was left in the bathroom as well. As expected, toilet paper was removed from its holder and a huge mess was created. And just look how happy the toddler looks now.

Pillows with Fluffs? Bad Idea

If you have toddlers in your home, why would you even think about buying pillows with fluffs? You made the mistake and now you must pay the price. At least these children had fun.

A Lesson Was Learned That Day

After seeing this photo, we are 100% confident that the parents learned a valuable lesson that day: never leave your child alone for even a second. The only positive thing we can take out of this picture is that the kid managed to get some chocolate in his mouth. The rest is a big mess.

Lazy Crazy

You cannot really understand how a toddler thinks and this is a perfect example of that. Instead of holding the Doritos bag and watching TV, the kid decided to make eating more convenient. We are not saying the kid did the wrong thing because it looks like an easier option.

A Future Artist in the Making

Kids absolutely love markers. When it comes to playing with markers, kids certainly don’t just stick to coloring books and notebooks. This little girl is perhaps inspired by her mother and wanted to show that she has good makeup skills as well.

Colorful Cereal Looks Just Like Legos

If you are planning on buying colorful cereal for your kids to make eating breakfasts more fun for them, we would recommend you consider this decision. Well, colorful cereal may not entice your kids enough to eat them, but it will definitely tempt your little angels to play with them.

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