The Eyebrow Trends We Are Hoping And Praying NEVER Make A Come Back

If the eyes are the windows to the soul then eyebrows are the much-debated windowsills… These hairy bad-boys are the frames of the face and are pretty hotly debated across the wide and wonderful expanse of the internet.

But do you remember the brows of yesteryear? Right up to the newest, weirdest looks of 2019? Not to worry, I’ve compiled the 20 weirdest, most wonderful, what the fleek?! brows that to have ever waggled their way across the brows of the interweb, to remind you of what you should immediately try to forget!

The Braided Brow

Remember the absolute whirlwind of excitement you’d feel when you met a girl who could do french braids?? Did those girls just get off on the power trip and had to move onto brows?

Rainbow Brows

All the colors of the rainbow across the length of your brows! In fairness, I love this look! It’s a great way to show your pride! If you think it’s not an everyday look then honey, you are absolutely INCORRECT.

Heart Brows

Do you HEART this look?? I don’t know about Valentine’s day but I’d ABSOLUTELY wear this look for my Halloween costumed; a haunted emoji… Seriously though, this gal SOMEHOW manages to rock this look so all power to her. I’m just well jealous that I’d look less than cute when trying this trend.


In case you didn’t know matte looks are SO the day before yesterday. If you want to be on-trend you best be brushing a heck tonne of sequins into your eyebrows, honestly don’t take fashion advice from anyone who doesn’t have at least three novelty shapes fashioned above their eyes.

Double Up

Look, babes, I spend long enough on my eyebrows as it is, I don’t know a single female who has time to be crafting four perfect arches of a morning! If you’ve got time for it, I guess you do you!

Lightning Brows

Okay, okay, okay so I know in my heart of hearts that this is just not the one but… I think it’s so cool! I love the idea of looking like some bad-ass witch who can make it thunder and lightning whenever I like. Would I wear this to the office? NO. Do I want to? YES.

Brow Bows

All of life’s most precious things come tied up in a bow right?? So if you really do love your brows you best put a ribbon around ’em… or don’t because… well you know why.

The Backwards Brow

That’s right gals. Somebody somewhere actually thought that it would be permissible to trial a “backward brow”. Handy for those days you need to pretend you aren’t frowning quite as severely as you are, though.

Feathered Brows

Get that feather-light look by impersonating an actual feather. Beautiful as… a… bird… I guess??


Not to sound like her mother but… This looks cool for all of ten minutes and then what? She’s wandering around with a butt-naked brow and THEN who’s Mrs. High And Mighty?!

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