These Fabulous Cakes Look Like They’ve Been Threaded Using a Thread And a Needle, And We’re Stunned

Leslie Vigil is a self-proclaimed cake artist, and it’s tough to argue with that title. She recently whipped up a collection of gorgeous treats she calls Tapestry Cakes. With the help of some icing, which she turns into stitching, she creates intricately symmetrical flowers you’d swear were made from fabric. We’re kind of in shock and a little hungry from looking at Leslie’s beautiful creations.  

Meet the Cake Artist

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
Leslie Vigil is a cake artist, an instructor, and a mom from Southern California. And amazingly enough, this “flour” child has the time to come up some of the most gorgeous cakes anyone has ever seen. Her work is so mesmerizing, she’s gone viral in the blink of an eye.  

Unique Tapestry Cakes

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
With the help of some deliciously sugary icing, she styles flowers and creates tasty stitching artwork that should probably be framed if they weren’t so delicious. You’d swear that some of the cakes in her Tapestry Cakes collection were fabric.  

But We promise, They’re Not!

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
You could actually take a bite out of these stunning cakes…not that’d you want to. They’re almost too pretty to eat.  

The Vibe

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
There are some cake patterns that have a Mexican vibe to them. In fact, this one, in particular, has a “Dia de los Muertos” feel to it. But she doesn’t mind experimenting with other cultural influences.  

Harmonizing Textile Traditions

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
Leslie has a gift and she draws inspiration from various other cultures and influences to create intricate patterns that are oh so beautiful. “I love the idea of harmonizing textile traditions from different cultures,” she explained. It’s almost a shame that one should have to cut into them to eat a slice of cake.  

Make Any Excuse

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
Leslie’s cakes are perfect for any occasion. So, this will make you want to throw a party to enjoy one of these gorgeous cakes with symmetrical laurel leaf patterns and colorful flowers. She even does cupcakes, too.  

The Tasty Yarn

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
This cake has a plain top, and plenty of room for birthday candles. While the sides are covered with artistic flowers and leaves that look like they were made out of yarn. You’ll want to stare at the details before eating them for a hot minute!  

Cake and Embroidery

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
They’re just so lovely, they’re almost too good to eat. So, if you have an obsession with embroidery then you should definitely get one of these cakes or at least reach out to Leslie so she can teach you how to make it.  

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
Leslie’s creativity, performance and execution are so outstanding. The patterns are magical and her artistry is simply stunning.  

It Was a Hobby

Instagram / @_leslie_vigil_
Leslie started making cakes with her mom as a sort of hobby. But then she studied different cookbooks carefully and became fascinated with them. Now she makes a profession out of combining taste with art.   Want to try making your very own embroidery cake? Then check out this video down below and start brainstorming your own designs!

Written by Camila Villafane

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