These Pictures Prove Just How Powerful Nature Is

Nature is full of wonder, mystery, and beauty. In the places where the natural ecosystems are left undisturbed, you will see life blooming. There are many places in the world where you will see the wrath of nature and see nature in its most powerful form. We have collected a wide range of pictures that will show you just how powerful nature is and how it clashes with man’s plan to build something on natural land.

Lighthouse Off The Coast Of France, 1989

This is one of the most famous pictures, snapped by Jean Guichard in 1989. The massive wave was engulfing the Phares dans la Tempete, la Jument, which translates to “Lighthouse in a storm”. This is quite ironic and the lighthouse is situated on the northwest coast of France. The man in the picture is the keeper of the lighthouse, Theodore Malgorne, who is waiting for rescue to come. The lighthouse did not receive much damage and the structure still stands tall today.

Guests Coming In The Middle Of The Night

This picture was taken by a woman who went camping and heard noises in the middle of the night. She was scared to check it out and decided to stick out a camera and click a picture instead. This was the result of the peek and she found out that there were raccoons all around her tent.

Tornado In The Background, 1989

This is Audra Thomas from Beaver City, Nebraska and the picture was taken by her mother. There is an F1 tornado just heading for her. The tornado may look close but it is actually a mile away and being a Nebraska girl, Audra is no stranger to the tornados. The National Weather Service asks people to not take pictures with tornados because of all the safety reasons.

Piggy Off The Truck

This truck was on its way to the slaughterhouse and due to the overcrowding of the truck, the pig was allowed to jump off the truck and avoid its death. We are not sure what exactly happened after the pig jumped off the truck but we are sure that he was safer than he would have been on the truck on its way to the market.

President Theodore Roosevelt Riding Across A River On A Moose, 1908

This image appeared in the New York Tribune on September 8, 1912 and the picture was a fake. Theodore Roosevelt was running for President against the Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson. Underwood and Underwood photography firm created this image carefully cut the picture of Roosevelt on a moose and superimposed it on a picture of a river.

Mother Wolf Spider Carrying Her Young

While many spiders just wrap their eggs in an egg sack and let them fend for themselves, the wolf spider is the only spider species in the world that carries her eggs around with it. Depending upon the temperature, the eggs take somewhere between 9 days and 27 days to hatch and then after that the young stay on the mother’s back until they are big enough to hunt for themselves.

The Human-Like Knees Of The Beluga Whales

Many people who saw the Beluga whales sometimes mistake it for a mermaid because of the human-like knees that it has. They are native to the waters around the Arctic circle and many sailors in the area have reported mermaid sightings in the past. If the power of the sea takes over your mind, you might even mistake the whale for a Greek Siren.

Angry Octopus Vs. Scuba Diver

This scuba diver was heading for his first dive when he was attacked by an angry octopus. The mama octopus wrapped its tentacles tight around his body and the scuba diver was left helpless trying to hold on to something for his dear life.

Baby Elephant Stuck In A Manhole

It takes an elephant somewhere between 15 years and 20 years to become a fully formed adult. Despite its massive size, a baby elephant was stuck in a manhole and it lay there for hours before it was helped out.

28ft Crocodile, Queensland, Australia, 1957

This is the only image that remains of the 28 foot long crocodile that was shot and killed in Queensland, Australia in 1957. The hunter who killed it was Krystina Pawlowski, a Polish immigrant who gained quite a reputation for being an accomplished crocodile hunter. A crocodile of this size was quite uncommon in the area and Krystina killed the reptile in one shot, earning the nickname “One Shot” and getting a place in the Guinness World Records.

Bear Attacks In Alaska

Bear attacks are very common in Alaska and the regions around it. However, deaths from a bear mauling are less common than deaths by bee stings in the backwoods of Alaska. Bears do not attack a human being until and unless they are provoked by something that the human is doing, like riding a bicycle perhaps.

Sy Stallone With Turtles From Rocky

In the 1976 Rocky, Sylvester Stallone bought two tiny turtles from his girlfriend in the movie. In real life, Sy kept the turtles from the movie and Cuff and Link are still alive and celebrating their 44th birthday. The turtles also had a cameo in the movie Creed 2.

Megalodon & A Great White Shark

The fossils of the now extinct Megalodon shows us that the animal was quite the killing machine back in the day. Today, we consider the Great White shark to be quite the killer but imagine something that can swallow the Great White in a bite. This monstrous shark was one of the fiercest predators on the planet once upon a time but the species died sometime in the Pliocene era.

The Tree Climbing Goats In Morocco

It is not the goats that are special in the country but the trees. There is a rare tree, the Argania tree, that produces a nut that the goats just can’t resist. In order to pick out these delicious nuts, the goats will even climb to the top of the trees. They walk around in herds so if you see a goat on an Argania tree, you will soon see the entire herd following it.

The Last Picture Taken By Michio Hoshino in 1996

This was allegedly the last picture that wildlife photographer Michio Hoshino took before he was mauled by a brown bear in 1996. However, it was later revealed that the picture was a fake one and was an entry on the Worth1000 Photoshop competition where everyone was tasked with creating “a last-photo hoax: the final photograph of the victim, whoever he might be, had a camera on him right before ‘it’ happens.”

B-25 Bombers Flying Over Mount Vesuvius In March 1944

Mount Vesuvius erupted for the last time in March 1944 and this was the same volcano that led to the burying of the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. When this eruption took place, there was a US Army Air Force station nearby and these B-25 got the best view of the eruption.

Waiting For The Friend To Finish Up

This was a smart dog who decided not to mess with the skunk and let it eat in peace. There are many times when a dog gets too curious about the skunks and then end up getting sprayed by the foul smelling liquid. Pets often get sprayed by these skunks and the owners have to get special shampoos that can get the smell out of the dog’s fur.

Tornado, Oklahoma City, 1898

There was someone prepared with a camera, ready to take a picture of the upcoming tornado in 1898. The two men in this picture are believed to be amateur storm chasers who are just fond of the weather being weird. This picture was taken in Waynoka, Oklahoma.

Hermit Crab using A Human Skull As A Shell

Most of the sea creatures have hard shells on their back serving as exoskeletons. However, the hermit crabs do not have any such shell on their back and they often scavenge on other animal bones to make their own shells. This particular crab has found a human skull and has decided to make a shell out of it.

Star Nosed Mole

This is the star-nosed mole and it is a very distinguishable creature because the animal has twenty-two pink appendages around its nose. They are called Elmer’s organs and they pick up all sorts of vibrations. This makes the star-nosed mole to be the most sensitive mammal alive today. They are native to North America and they build homes in low, wet areas.

Mammatus Clouds Over Nebraska After A Tornado

These clouds are known as Mammatus clouds because they look like the udders of a mammal. First recorded by William Clement Ley in 1894, these clouds are formed mostly in conjunction with the cumulonimbus, cirrus, and anvil clouds and are also associated with the volcanic ash clouds. They are quite dangerous for flying through since they create a lot of downdraft.

Seagull Saving Another Seagull

It is unknown whether the pair of seagulls managed to fight off the attack of the bald eagle but it is a very touching photograph. It shows how someone can risk their lives for you if you are close enough. Even though the seagulls are an easy target for the bald eagles, it is inspiring to see them put up a fight.

Tippi Hedren And Gregory On The Sets Of Roar, 1981

Roar is considered to be one of the most dangerous movies ever to be made because of all the animals that the crew had to tame for the movie. During the filming of the movie, nearly 70 members of the crew were injured in various taming activities. While some of the injuries were life-threatening, most of them were just scratches and broken bones and scalping.

Qizai The Brown Panda

Abandoned by his mother when he was just a few months old, Qizai is the only living brown panda in the world. He was bullied by many of his peers because of the genetic mutation that led to his unusually colored fur. Fortunately for him, he was taken to the Foping Panda Valley in China where humans have been taking care of him for seven years now. They are looking for another panda so that he can mate.

An Apocalyptic Sunset In Moscow

This is quite the view, both breathtaking and frightening. The storm clouds paired with the setting sun managed to create this view over the streets of Moscow and it looks like the world is about to end with them. If it were not for the countless witness accounts, one might even believe that it was the work of VFX in some movie.

Terri And Steve Irwin, 1996

Steve Irwin was one of the most popular Crocodile hunters in the world and he was a great personality and a TV host too. He said, “I have no fear of losing my life – if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it.” He died when a stingray pierced his heart with a barbed tail in a freak attack. Even during his last few minutes, he was filming and it left the world in a shock.

Atretochoana eiselti

Nicknamed “Penis Snake” because of the way that it resembles the male organ, Atretochoana eiselti is not a snake at all. It is a limbless amphibian and the largest tetrapod without lungs. This species was known to the world only because Sir Graham Hales had managed to preserve two specimens that he found in the Brazilian rainforest in the 19th century.

A Large Manta Ray

This was a 20-foot wide Manta Ray that got entangled in a boat’s anchor line. It weighed nearly 5000 pounds and it is one of the largest and heaviest manta rays found on the planet. The Manta Rays are classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the main threat to them is the pollution, fishing for use in Chinese folk medicine, and fishing nets.

Catatumbo Lightning Over Catatumbo River, Venezuela

This unusual lightning phenomenon is seen only in this spot, the mouth of the Catatumbo river. The lightning strikes the spot nearly 160 nights in a year and it goes on for 10 hours at a time with over 250 strikes every hour. This area in Venezuela is the only spot on the planet that sees such sustained lightning activity.

Cell Tower After A Snowstorm

This picture shows us how defenseless we are against the power of nature. The horizontal spears of ice that are formed on the structures after a snowstorm are just as deadly as they are beautiful. The technician that we see in the picture has quite a dangerous job since he would have to scale the tower and then chisel off some of the ice to prevent some serious damage to the cell tower.

Lightning Storm Over Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the largest of the Great Lakes and it is responsible for many of the weather phenomenons in the area. It is more of a large sea with only freshwater than a lake and there are many thunderstorms that occur over the lake. The photographer showed impeccable talent and timing when he was able to capture multiple strikes over the lake in a single shot.

King Cobra Vs Python

These two snakes are locked in battle and the end result is not going to be favorable for any of them. Snakes can kill their prey by either leaving a venomous bite or constricting their airways. The Cobra has bit the Python and the latter has constricted the former. Both of them are going to die, the cobra for the lack of air and the python because of the venom in his system.

Lens Shaped Clouds

Many people mistake these saucer-shaped clouds for UFOs. This is because these cloud formations are extremely rare and they can be seen over great distances, some even up to 60 miles. These round flat clouds are formed when the airflow is disrupted due to the presence of mountains.

50-ft Blue Ice Monolith

Some people claim that this was a huge wave that was frozen because of the cold temperature. However, the truth is that this is the formation of blue ice that is quite common in Antarctica. The ice is thick enough that the light can pass through it and the red light is filtered out of the spectrum, making the monolith look blue in color.

The Black Jaguar

A Black Jaguar exists because both its parents were spotted black jaguars. This is a rare animal with a thick golden fur that is covered with jet black spots. Earlier this was believed to be a different animal from the regular jaguar but the biologists have classified them under the same species now, just with a different coloring.

Long Exposure Shot Of Lightning Striking A Tree

This was an image captured by Darren Pearson and we can see the true power of the electricity inside the lightning as it burns through the tree and the ground near it. It is quite a rare thing to have a camera ready for long exposure shots pointed to the precise point where the lightning is going to strike and we are thankful to the photographer for giving us this gem of a picture.

Cats Are Smarter Than Dogs

This is quite a hilarious shot of a cat hiding from a couple of Doberman dogs. The Doberman dogs were portrayed as fierce and vicious dogs by movies in Hollywood but in reality, they are quite loyal and friendly to humans, cats, dogs, and other animals. They were developed in order to protect men carrying large amounts of cash in the late 1800s in Germany.

Tasmanian Tiger Family, 1910

This was one of the last remaining families of the Tasmanian tigers. The family lived in the Beaumaris Zoo but sadly, the species is now extinct. Even though they were called tigers, they actually did not belong to the tiger family. It was the largest living carnivorous marsupial of modern times.

Crab And Sea Stars Dining On Squid Carcass

Nature does not like wasting and one thing eventually becomes food for another, completing the circle of life. Here is a picture captured to show the sea stars and crabs sharing a meal that consisted of the dead remains of a squid.

Soviet Soldiers Feeding Polar Bears In 1950s

This picture was taken in the Chukchi Peninsula of the then-Soviet Union. The soldier in the picture is showing a lot of bravery, hand-feeding a polar bear. It is also quite cute to see the cub hugging the leg of the soldier, showing that if you do not mean harm, nature will not harm you.

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