40 Unbelievable Things You Didn’t Know Dogs Could Do

Everyone knows that dogs are oh so adorable and silly. It’s why humans spend so much time gushing about their four-legged friends’ outrageous shenanigans on social media. But they’re so much more than that.They’re like extended members of the family, and anyone who owns a dog would agree that we’d be lost without them. But there are a lot of things about dogs that you probably don’t know anything about. So, here’s the scoop!  

Their Pee Corrodes Metal

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Dogs are known for peeing on fire hydrants and lamp posts, but most people don’t know that dog urine is acidic in nature and will corrode metal. In fact, there was one case in San Diego, California, where a lamp post tumbled over because urine had eaten through the metal.  

Dogs Can Fall in Love

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A professor at Claremont Graduate University in California discovered that a dog’s brain releases the love drug known as oxytocin while bonding with another dog.This means they can literally form an oxytocin bond and fall in love with another dog. We don’t know about you, but we’re dying from cuteness overload!

Dogs Can Hear a Frequency in The Beatles Song

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In 2013, Paul McCartney told Zane Lowe something interesting about the Beatles song “A Day in the Life.” He stated that the song has a frequency which he added and that only dogs can hear. Hum, yeah, our minds are blown away too!  

Dogs See More Than Black and White

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Most dog owners believe that dogs can only see in black and white. But they can see color too. Just not as many as humans can. Dogs have two cones in their eyes, which allow them to see the colors yellow and blue, but not green or red. Plus, their night vision is superior to humans.

Dogs Can Smell Cancer

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A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 1 million times stronger than a human nose. Studies have even shown that they can sniff out skin cancer or melanoma. The theory suggests that cancer cells have metabolic processes that vary from other cells. So, they release a distinct odor that dogs can pick up. That’s truly unbelievable, indeed!  

Dogs Can Predict Earthquake

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The science behind how dogs predict earthquakes is still pretty limited at the moment. But research shows that dogs start to panic hours before an earthquake strikes. Seismologists think that canines use their senses to detect early-stage P waves caused by the earthquake.

A Bloodhound’s Sense of Smell is Admissible in Court

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According to PBS, a court of law will admit a Bloodhound’s sense of smell as evidence because it’s so precise. But Bloodhounds can also follow tracks for over 130 miles, even if the track is 300 hours old.  

Dogs Can Smell Fear

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Dogs use their strong sense of smell to detect a human’s emotional state like joy, anger, and fear. They have the ability to pick up on these emotional cues and act accordingly, even empathetically. Plus, the scent of sweat can provide dogs with the most information about a human’s state of mind.

Dogs Understand Language

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Although dogs won’t always get the exact meaning of words, they get the general idea. They have the ability to understand the meaning of a word with the intonation which was used to say them. Your furry friend can even distinguish between some of the words they’ve learned and change their behavior accordingly, (which explains why they immediately react when you yell “I saw that!” right?)  

They Can Predict Bad Weather

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Although the evidence on this is still sketchy, some people believe that dogs can detect when bad weather is coming.That’s because dogs are sensitive to the electrical signals a storm sends out before it strikes.

Dogs Need to Exercise

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Dogs need to exercise just as much as humans do. If they don’t get enough exercise, they’ll lose their drive to go running outdoor and will eventually get lazy and lethargic. Fortunately, dogs can use treadmills to get their daily steps in if they don’t have a backyard when they can run freely.  

Dogs Can Watch Television

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Although a dog’s vision is dichromatically, not trichromatically like humans, they can still watch television and recognize another dog on the screen. It’s why advertising agencies have designed some commercials to catch a dog’s attention.

Dogs Know When They’re Being Lied To

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Dogs weren’t born yesterday! They learn pretty quickly when their human is lying to them. A study in Kyoto, Japan, had humans pretend they had food in a container to get their dogs to approach it. But after two attempts, the dogs realized they were being deceived and stopped trying to reach for the nonexistent snack. Clever!  

Dogs Have Busy Ears

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A dog’s ears contain 18 distinct muscles, which they use to help them hear better. Their ears are ten times more sensitive than humans. But they also use them to communicate how they feel. If a dog is engaged, their ears will move forward. If they have them pointed back, they’re being playful. But if they’re floppy, they might be shy or scared.

Dogs Noses Absorb Scent Chemicals

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There’s a reason a dog’s nose is wet. It’s designed like this so that pooches can absorb the scent of chemicals. Their noses secrete mucus that absorbs these chemicals. Then they lick their noses to help them figure out what it is they are smelling.  

Newfoundland Dogs Are Lifeguards

Newfoundland dogs were bred as fisherman’s helpers and trained to help prevent people from drowning. It’s why they have webbed feet and water resistance coats. Some of these dog owners have reported that their pups have tried to save them even when they were going for a swim.

Basenji Dogs Can Yodel

Everyone knows that dogs bark. But not many people know that a certain breed is capable of singing.The Basenji dog will either yodel, whine, or scream instead of barking at a situation. And that just makes them extra extra special in our book.  

Greyhounds Are Fast Runners

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Cheetahs are fast, but Greyhounds are faster.They can run 35 miles per hour for 7 miles before burning out.That’s pretty impressive given that a cheetah can only maintain its top speed for about 300 yards, according to Psychology Today.

Dogs Can Hike

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In 1990, a blind man named Bill Irwin hiked the Appalachian Trail for eight months with the help of his guide dog, Orient, according to the Washington Post. This truly proves that dogs are not only efficient hikers but also very loyal.  

30% of Dalmatians Are Partially Deaf

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According to the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare (UFAW), about 5% of dalmatians are completely deaf and 30% of Dalmatians are deaf in one ear. This is the result of the extreme piebald gene, which is responsible for their blue eyes and white coats. But Dalmatians with larger dark patches have a lower risk of being deaf.

The Saluki is the Oldest Breed Around

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According to the Guinness World Record, the oldest dog breed is the Saluki, which dates back to 329 BC. Ancient Egyptian royals kept them as pet. But carvings dating back to 7000 BC in Southern Iraq showed a dog similar to a Saluki.  

Dogs Have a Sense of Time

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Dogs can distinguish if an hour has passed or if it was actually five hours. And when conditioned to, they can even look forward to future events, like when their human will take them walking or when they’re about to be fed.

Dogs Are as Smart as a Two-Year-Old

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Your dog has about the same level of intelligence as a 2-year-old human child. It’s why they’re able to pick up 250 words, much like a human kid. They can also pick up on gestures that alert them of the mood their human is in, which is why they’re so responsive when you’re reprimanding them.  

Dogs Can Get Jealous

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According to a study at UCSD, if a dog catches you showing another animal some affection, they’re more than capable of becoming jealous. So, if you like petting other people’s dogs, make sure you do it when your pet’s not looking.

Dogs Chase Their Tails

There are a number of reasons why dogs chase their tails. Sometimes, it’s brought on by curiosity. Other times it can be caused by anxiety, predatory instinct or anxiety. But check with your veterinarian as it could also be a sign of fleas.  

Dogs Can See in the Dark

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Although dogs rely on their sense of smell and their whiskers to get around in the dark, their eyes have a membrane called tapetum lucidum, which helps them to see in in dark rooms or nighttime. So our furry little buddies are 100% night owls.

Dogs Have Sweaty Feet

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Humans have sweat glands throughout their bodies, which allows them to sweat pretty much anywhere. But dogs only sweat through the pads of their paws. So, if you ever touch their paws, they’ll feel wet.  

Dogs Have Three Eyelids

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Unlike humans, dogs have three eyelids. One is the upper lid. The other is the lower lid. Then, there’s the third lid known as nictitating membrane. It’s also known as haw. But whatever you call it, this third lid keeps a dog’s eyes protected and moist.

Dogs Have Less Taste Buds Than Humans

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Dogs can’t appreciate the taste of food the way humans can. This is due to the fact that they have approximately 1,700 taste buds. Meanwhile, humans have about 9,000 taste buds. That’s why dogs practically inhale their food when they eat, even if they got it out of a dumpster.  

Dogs Can Adjust the Pitch of Their Howl

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When a dog howls, they listen to the way other dogs howl. This is so they can adjust the pitch of their howl in order for theirs to sound unique and stand out above all of their other brethren. So, so clever, right?

Dogs Can Smell Other Illnesses

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We already mentioned that dogs can sniff cancer cells, but a study at Schillhohe Hospital in Germany determined that they can smell when a human body isn’t working properly by detecting changes in the individual’s organic compounds. So, if they bark, it could also mean a person has other ailments like diabetes.  

Dogs’ Ears Hurt When It Rains

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Dogs have very sensitive hearing, so sounds that don’t normally affect us could be really risky for their health. In fact, the sound of rain crashing to the ground is amplified by their enhanced hearing, so it actually hurts them when it rains.

Dogs Have Different Noses

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Think of a dog’s nose as a human’s fingerprint. Each nose has its own patterns of creases and ridges. So, if a dog were to ever commit a crime or a human couldn’t tell which dog was theirs, their nose print would identify them, provided that there was a copy of the prints on record.  

Dogs Can Dream

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If you’ve ever taken the time to watch your dog sleep, you’ll notice that their eyelids move back and forth. According to Psychology Today, smaller breeds likely dream more than large dogs. And they probably dream of fun things like running in the park or chasing their tail.

Dogs Only Mate Twice a Year

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Dog owners looking to expand their doggy family the natural way should know that female dogs who aren’t spayed will mate twice a year. So, if they’re not in heat, you’ll have to wait a long time for a new litter of puppies.  

Dogs Wag Their Tail to Say Something

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If a dog wags their tail to the right with excitement, then they’re probably happy to see you or happy about something. If they wag their tail to the left, then they’re scared. If they wag their tail low then they’re feeling insecure. But rapid wagging with dilated pupils or tense muscles, could mean they’re aggressive.

Dogs Can’t See or Hear When They’re Born

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According to Psychology Today, a newborn puppy’s ear canals and eyes are closed. But be patient because in approximately two weeks, they will start to open their eyes and will respond to their first noises. So cute!  

Dogs’ Feet Smell Like Corn

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Since dogs only have sweat glands on their feet, their human owners might get a whiff of popcorn or corn chips when they sniff their pooch’s feet. This smell is a culmination of built-up bacteria and sweat in the paws.

Dog Breath Is a Warning Sign

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If your dog’s mouth smells like garbage, there’s a good chance that they are suffering from health problems like dental disease. If the bad breath is persistent, then you need to take them to the veterinarian to give them a check-up and have their teeth examined.  

Dog Whiskers Are Living Sensors

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Dog whiskers are like tactile interfaces which detect sensory changes in the environment like air currents, movement, distance, and wind. A dog particularly relies on their whiskers to provide them with this type of information when they’re in a dark place or when it’s nighttime.

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