Hollywood Actors Who Work In Normal Jobs Now

Many of us dream to make it big in Hollywood, but everybody knows it is not an easy job. If however, somebody achieves this status in life where they get t work in movies or TV, then it is certainly commendable. Fame and money are what you get as a prize. But behind this fantasy, is hard to digest the truth. The world of glitz and glamor is not all bright. Some got to have it all but it did not stay with them.

Here are 10 actors who went back to doing regular jobs after making it big.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was a hot commodity back in the day. She acted in big-budget movie franchises like The Mask and Charlie’s Angels. Nowadays, she is a novelist and has written many bestsellers in self-help and women empowerment.

Angelina Pivernick

She worked in the Jersey show but now drives an ambulance for a living these days. After season 1 of Jersey ended, she did not get any more juicy projects and hence she chose a stable 9 to 5 job.

Susan Boyle

She earned fame for her time on Britain’s Got Talent. She received many singing offers after winning the show. She then went on to work as a store manager for personal reasons. Recently, she wowed the judges at America’s got talent.

Steven Anthony Lawrence

Steven Anthony Lawrence became popular after appearing in various Disney channel shows. Nowadays he teaches acting to his students and how to run it as a business.

Lisa Whelchel

She starred as Blaire Warmer in the show, The Facts Of Life. Recently we got to see her as a contestant on Survivor: Philippines. Lisa has taken up writing after her marriage to Pastor Steven Cauble.

Erik Estrada

He was a Highway Patrol Officer in the TV Show, Chips. However, the actor became a real cop in real life in Bedford County and also in St. Anthony, Idaho.

Al Green

Al Green adorned the small screen on the hit television shows, Love and Happiness and Let’s Stay Together. These days he is a full-time pastor at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Memphis.

Lauren Conrad

After becoming the highest-paid actor on the show, The Hill, Lauren Conrad went on to become an equally successful writer. She has also done some tailoring.

Lisa And Louise Burns

They appeared in the famous thriller movie, The Shining. The twins took different career paths after that. Lisa is a successful lawyer while Louise is a published scientist.

Taran Noah Smith

Taran played the young Taylor in the popular show, Home Improvement. After that, he started a business of vegan cheese and is now a successful entrepreneur.

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