People Shared The Most Bizarre Encounters They Had With Famous People And We Can’t Stop Reading

We all imagine how we would act if we ever run into a famous celebrity. But for those who have, the encounter was not at all what they expected. So, it’s not surprising that Michael Segalov’s tweet went viral when he asked if anyone else had a run-in with a famous person. The responses were utterly bizarre, to say the least. We’re actually kind of jealous of all these folks because running into a random celeb will for sure make you the life of the party in the snap of a finger.  

He Stuck His Tongue Out

Michael Segalov shared the time when Hugh Grant stuck his tongue out and then shrugged at him while he was in Liverpool. And as weird as that encounter was, he was willing to bet that he wasn’t the only one with an interesting encounter with someone famous. And he was absolutely right!  

Oh, Right!

Eugene D’Nasty may have been misguided for not knowing who Jared Leto was, but Jared shouldn’t have assumed that people would know who he is, regardless of the fact that he’s really famous. Most people wouldn’t recognize an actor if they walked up and shook their hand.  

She Stole My Glasses

In the 1980s, Tom Riley was at a Caribbean resort when the oddest thing happened. None other than the queen of everything, Liza Minnelli, (who’s also loaded, by the way) stole his sunglasses and walked off. Now, why do you suppose someone as rich as Liza felt the need to go all klepto? We don’t know either, but we’re for sure loving every bit of this story!  

Dat’s a Wonderful Hat

You know you’ve got the coolest hat ever when the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger compliments you on it. It’s too bad Anna Biller didn’t share a photo of that hat. Now we kind of want to know if it truly was a wonderful hat.  

Lohan Approves of Braces

Dr. Janice Hansen’s daughter got a surprise treat when Lindsay Lohan herself ran into her outside of a Disneyland bathroom and told her how cool braces were to make her feel good about them. Now is that a wonderful gesture, or what? Say what you want about Lindsay, but she was adorable!  

He Could Afford an Elevator

The late Robin Williams didn’t just touch people’s hearts on the big screen and the small screen. He also affected the people he encountered in real life, like the time he jokingly told this Twitter user he didn’t know you could buy the elevator she was riding on after she claimed it was hers.  

It Was Actually Bruce Willis

Imagine getting road rage at a gas station and calling a Bruce Willis a bad driver? Well Dan Hernandez did and as it turns out, it really was Bruce Willis. Now that’s the kind of thing you’d only expect to happen in a movie.  

He Looked Pinteresting

Cid Stoll didn’t realize they had been sitting right next to some blonde dude who looked an awful lot like the guy from “The Notebook.” And then it hit Cid that it really was Ryan Gosling and resorted to look at him like a deer caught in a headlight.  

She Bloody Hit Him

Travis (e) Gates got hit by Victoria Beckham’s Range Rover, which in itself would be a catastrophe, except, you know, he got hit by Victoria Beckham! Best of all, her husband David was with her so he got to meet two celebs.  

Beautiful As a Poem

If Tess McGill had run into Maya Angelou now, she would probably thank her for being so kind to her daughter. We’re sure such a heartfelt and lovely compliment had an effect on the little girl’s self-esteem. Comparing the Twitter user’s child to a beautiful poem is such a lovely thing to do!

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.