Social Media Influencers Who Got Shamed for Bad Behavior

Some social media influencers will do just about anything to get followers. But one little mistake can turn even the most popular internet guru into a pariah. Just ask these influencers who posted stuff that was so distasteful that it turned everyone against them.

They Had a Risky Kiss


Kelly and Kody, known on social media as “positravelty” love traveling and taking photos in exotic locations. But this photo of them kissing was deemed way too dangerous when it showed Kody using his strong arms to hold Kelly over the edge of that infinity pool.

She Faked Her Paris Trip


Swedish Instagram model Johanna Olsson looked striking while visiting Paris, France, except she didn’t actually go. She faked the whole thing with a little help from photo editing tools. But her technique was so bad that people saw through the technological illusion and called her out on it.

They Turned Auschwitz Into a Photo Op


The Auschwitz Museum isn’t the type of place where you’d think people would want to snap a selfie. But many influencers were turning Auschwitz into a photo opportunity, and understandably, people were pissed. So, they started posting the influencers’ photos and calling them out on Twitter.

They Picked and Trampled in National Parks

Our Public Lands Hate You

An Instagram account called @publiclandshateyou shames influencers who don’t know how to behave in National Parks. Like when these otherwise lovely women completely ruined these poppy fields, as well as trampling, and picking entire plants just to snap a pretty Instagram pic.

Her Self-Reflection Failed to Impress


Instagram model Natalie Schlater tried comparing her life to the rice workers in the photo. And while she might have thought this was a moment of reflection on her part, netizens thought it was tasteless to brag the way she did, and in her underwear no less.

She Did a Shoot in Chernobyl


Instagram influencer Julia Baessler headed to Pripyat to pose for photos in Chernobyl, the site of a horrible nuclear meltdown that turned the area into a ghost town. Given the terrible events, netizens were hoping influencers like her would get radiation exposure instead of film exposure.

She Faked Having Heterochromia


When a person has two different colored eyes, they have Heterochromia, which influencer Sarah McDaniel claimed she had. But Celebface claimed the influencer had eye color surgery and posted a childhood photo of her real eye color. Then, McDaniel’s dad also confirmed that she was born with brown eyes.

She Thought Yogacaust Would Be Cool


This influencer decided to do some yoga moves on the Berlin Holocaust Memorial. But people were quick to point out that memorial sites are supposed to allow people to reflect on the dark moments in history and learn from them.

They Leaned Out of Moving Train


Instagram users backpackdiariez are a Belgian couple named Camille and Jean, who were put through the wringer after uploading a photo where they leaned out of a train door and kissed as the train traveled over a bridge.

She Stomped on Plants for a Selfie


This influencer was told repeatedly to stop stepping on the plants at this conservatory. But she ignored the staff all in the name of a good selfie. Security eventually came and took her and the photographer out of the premise. Well, the photo went up anyway, and people were really ticked off.

Written by Camila Villafane

Serial tea drinker. Professional wig snatcher. Content creator and video script writer who may or may not be John Leguizamo’s body double. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.