These Celebrities Are Still Single In 2021

People around the world are obsessed with celebrities. They have made quite a lot of money and fame out of their careers and enjoyed the love of their fans as well. Even with almost everything that money can buy, some celebrities have not found their true soulmate, and we have to wonder why. Here are some of the celebrities who are still single and let’s see the reasons why they have not found the love of their lives yet.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus seems to be single one minute and in a relationship the next. Who knows, she might get married and it’ll last for a few weeks. Since she was a child, Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight, and it’s no wonder that she can’t seem to hold down a steady relationship. Miley is always busy working on something, and it appears that her work may cause her to be far too busy for a relationship.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is single but is raising her child with the help of her former boyfriend, Travis Scott. That’s a good thing, but it doesn’t help in the love department. Kylie has her hands full, but it has to be pretty lonely not having a husband or a boyfriend. If you Google Kylie Jenner and boyfriend or husband, you get nothing. That’s right; she’s as single as a person can be, which is surprising considering how beautiful, smart, and talented she is.

Bella Hadid

It’s baffling to think that Bella Hadid is single. How can such a gorgeous girl be single? It makes no sense, but she’s not involved with anyone. Not a single person can claim to be her boyfriend. Will she ever get married? Who knows. Hadid also has a big heart; she’s one of the most generous and kind people you’ll ever meet. She’s funny too. That’s what makes it even more surprising that she’s single.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is an American socialite, media personality, and model. Along with her famous sisters (Kim and Khloe), she has an intimate relationship with the fashion industry. Her love life is not dull either. But unfortunately, she has a rocky relationship with Scott Disick, her lover and the father of her three children. Scott seems to find it hard keeping drugs and other women out of his life.

Demi Lovato

Some people can handle being single, and it doesn’t bother them a bit. Demi Lovato isn’t one of those people. Demi looks like she’s miserable, and it could be because she has no one special in her life. “Why is Demi Lovato lonely?” you ask. Well, she’s been single for what feels like forever. Unfortunately, Demi’s dating life is not a topic she likes to discuss. She doesn’t have to; her body language says it all.

Harry Styles

Women all over the world can’t believe that Harry Styles is single. Sure, there are rumors that he’s dating this or that celebrity, but no one knows for sure what’s going down. The thing is, Harry Styles was always the “perfect guy” to many girls. He was never afraid to be himself and always said the things he meant. Now that he’s single, many girls wonder if they should approach him since Harry claims that he is not afraid of rejection.

Lady Gaga

Fans of Lady Gaga have always looked at her relationship with actor Taylor Kinney as a perfect one. In fact, many people already regard the duo as a couple. That is why the world was shocked when the two called it quits. Lady Gaga explained in her documentary that she met her former fiancé when Kinney featured in her video back in 2011, and the two started dating. She announced her breakup on social media, which attracted the sympathy of her fans. She soon found love again when she began dating Christian Carino, an agent in the Creative Artist Agency that handles some of her projects.


Rihanna is super talented, gorgeous, and somehow single. She has a baby face that looks os cute when she smiles. However, it’s surprising that she’s single and isn’t married. Some might say that she’s single because she doesn’t really have connections with guys. Other people think it might be because of her career. No one knows for sure other than her, but it’s safe to say that there are a lot of guys out there who would love to date or even marry Rihanna.

Meghan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion might be a famous rapper, but she’s not letting her status as being single as being fodder for her songs. Though, she has freestyle in the past about her desire to hook up with Michael B. Jordan. So, who knows what will come of that. They seem to have an off-again and on-again relationship. Maybe neither of them is ready to settle down and create a life together. Until then, Megan will be single, but it seems not dating.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia rose from a background of stage acting to taking up roles in several Soap Opera series. However, her rise to international fame came when she landed a role as the Queen of the Dragons in the fantasy television series, The Game of Thrones. In spite of being voted the most desirable woman in the world by AskMen readers in 2014, and named the “sexiest woman alive” in 2015 by Esquire, she is still single. Obviously, it seems she is not living up to her moniker in terms of relationships.

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