These Real Wildlife Photos Captured By Trail Cams Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out In Amazement

There are all sorts of crazy pictures on the internet. They come in all types of genres. Some are funny, weird, or awkward, while others could be scary and enigmatic. Most of them come from a common source. In today’s post, we have presented a selection of strange trail cam pictures which show all sorts of wild stuff that has been going on in the forests. The woods surely have a lot of craziness. Scroll down and find out for yourself.

The Dear Looks Scary

The glare of the light from the trailer does the trick. It is too bright and falls squarely on the deer’s face which takes it by surprise. With its eyes going wide in the light, it looks like a devilish animal that is looking for prey in the dead of the night.

The Bear Will Chase You Out Of The Woods

How would you feel when you see an eight hundred-pound bear chasing you? You would be quite uneasy and would like to get out of there. The driver of the trailer is doing the same thing while taking a picture. He can recount the encounter all his life so that he does not go for the same adventure.

Too Many Deer To Count

The picture looks uncomfortable in itself when an entire pack is looking at the camera, maybe because of the flash. Something about this photo is highly creepy with all of them carrying the same picture.

The Otter Looks Cruel While Having Dinner

The otter was busy munching on its dinner when somebody decided to take its picture. While it may have been an innocent shot, the otter looks like a monster with glowing eyes and ripping off the fish’s flesh.

The Prey Time Of The Owl

This is an illusion. An owl in the woods is going to perch on the stump of a tree while a deer heads towards the forest in a low-hanging head-pose. To all the people it seems that the owl is looking for a big prey to strike, because it may be too hungry.

Eagles Fight Over A Carcass

Eagles fighting over the bloody remains of a carcass make the picture gruesome. If you are scared by now, be careful, or you might throw up.

The Pouncing Squirrel

Earlier it was an owl who looked like it was pouncing over a deer for prey. Now the same feat is repeated by a squirrel who has taken a high leap in the air.

Raccoon Gets Too Close For Comfort

This raccoon wanted to photobomb a deer grazing photo, so he promptly does that. I would have called it cute, had the little one not looked like a monster.

A Raccoon vs Fox Wrestling Match

While the raccoon and the fox might be looking ready for action, sizing each other up. They are looking for food near the abandoned car. The raccoon seems like marking his territory in front of the fox or signaling that the den is empty.

Raccoon Party Time

The raccoon selfie in the list showed that they are funny animals. Have a look at the bunch of raccoons chilling out after a party. They look so cute.

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