This Chinese Vlogger Got Exposed After Her Beauty Filter Failed Mid-Stream. Turns Out, She’s a 58-Year-Old Woman

They say beauty is an illusion. Well, that seems to be the exact lesson people following a Chinese vlogger named Your Highness Qiaobiluo on DouYu learned when her beauty filter turned off mid-stream. When the unthinkable happened, her followers were blown away by the shocking revelation!


She Catfished Her Followers


130,000 followers had logged on to the Chinese platform DouYu to see Your Highness Qiaobiluo on the streaming site. In fact, they loved her so much that they would have given anything to see her in real life. Well, that’s exactly what she had promised them if they did something for her first.


An Impossible Promise


Her real name is Qiaobiluo Dianxia and she had promised to meet her devoted followers in person after receiving 100,000 yuan ($14,500) in donations. But then something went horribly wrong. Her beauty filters seem to have failed mid-stream, which left everyone completely baffled.


The Disappointing Glitch


She was undoubtedly disappointed with the beauty filter. Who could blame her? But her followers were disappointed too when the technical hiccup showed her true face. She didn’t look anything like the young woman her followers had expected to see.


She Was Exposed


It turns out that the woman was nowhere near the age she appeared to be before the beauty filter stopped working. She was in fact a 58-year-old woman who happened to like playing Apex Legends, a popular free-to-play battle royale game available on Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.


What’s Going On?


The filter failed during a live stream, and her co-host Qingzi was left pretty confused. Even though it was obvious that the filters she was using malfunctioned, she decided to go on as if nothing was wrong. Unfortunately, it was difficult to ignore the elephant in the room, or in this case, the 58-year-old woman. The conversation continued awkwardly and then everything changed.


Time for Action


Qingzi, the co-host, might not have taken action, but a lot of folks who were following Qiaobiluo did. It wasn’t long before Qiaobiluo realized she was losing followers, particularly men. Unfortunately for her, that wasn’t the only thing going away.


Drop Her Like She’s Hot


Not only did her followers drop her, but they withdrew their donations. So, eventually, she decided that the best thing to do was to admit that she had used the face filter to gain more traffic on the streaming service.


She Was Heavily Perfected

With the help of photo editing programs, she had been able to upload photos to the website that made her look extremely young and very different from the woman she really was. This obviously didn’t sit well with some folks, but all she was trying to do was play video games and get paid.


It Was a Temporary Setback

Although her hoax had been uncovered and she had lost some followers, it was really just a temporary setback. Eventually, her followers started climbing again and now she has over 650,000. But that number will undoubtedly grow. No wonder it’s so hard to know if anything is real or fake these days!


You Can’t Hate Her Hustle

Although netizens were understandably shocked by the deception, they found that while Qiaobiluo was indeed 58, she still looked very beautiful and youthful without the filter. At least now she’ll have followers who are truly interested in her instead of the shallow crowd she used to have, right? Check out a video of the stream down below!


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