The Meaning Of The 40 Different Types Of Kisses

Kissing is the first step to foreplay in a relationship. It has been an all-time favorite activity of human beings and remains the greatest romantic gesture in the history of mankind. You know you are really in love with someone when you cannot just resist the image of their lips waiting to be kissed. However, a kiss is not only on the lips. There are a lot of types of kisses and each of them has a different meaning.

The Kiss On The Cheek

One of the most common types of kisses is the kiss on the cheeks. This can happen between anyone, couples, friends, or even between parents and their children. It is a sweet gesture that lets the other person know that you like them.

French Kiss

French kissing is the most famous type of kiss. The concept of the French Kiss is that the two people kiss each other with their mouths open while their tongues touch each other. The perfect French kiss can take many years to master.

Prolonged Kiss

This kiss is full of passion and emotion, and goes on for quite a long period of time. This type of kiss does not necessarily include the use of tongue and is mostly comprised of lip to lip kissing. An hour of kissing can burn nearly 100 calories and therefore, prolonged kisses are a great workout.

The Butterfly Kiss

This is the type of kiss that does not involve the lips at all. The couple comes close to each other and flutters their eyelashes. The blinking has to be very fast and the eyelashes flutter like the wings of a butterfly.

Single-Lip Kiss

This is quite a romantic kiss that will send chills down your spine. One person sucks and tugs on one of the lips of the other and this goes on for quite a lot of time.

The Spiderman Kiss

This kid was first seen in the 2002 Spider-Man. Basically, it involves a person kissing another while their face is upside down. The upper lip kisses the lower lip of the other person and your lower lip kisses the upper lip of your partner.

Earlobe Kiss

If you are looking for a way to kiss without involving the lips, the earlobe kiss is the perfect thing for you. It involves slightly nibbling, sucking, and tugging on your partner’s earlobe. You can also add a little bit of tongue to make things interesting.

Kiss On The Hand

This is one of the most gallant things that you can do. It involves holding the hand and then kissing the backside of it and it shows your likeness towards someone.

Lip Gloss Kiss

If you are in a fun and flirty mood and are looking to give your boyfriend a surprise, this might just be the kiss for you. All you have to do is put on a lot of ChapStick or lip gloss on your lips and then rub them on your partner’s lips until they have their lips coated with the lip gloss too.

The Eskimo Kiss

This is a rather intimate type of a kiss. The people in this kiss rub their noses back and forth and it is a popular kiss among the Eskimo culture for friends. They are best executed when the eyes of both the people are closed.

Kiss On The Forehead

When you are in the beginning of a relationship, a forehead kiss can be a very sweet thing to indulge in. It is also a popular gesture among friends and shows likeness and trust.


This might not be technically considered as a kiss. Basically, a hickey is a red mark left on the skin after your partner sucks hard on it. They tend to hurt a little but it feels good, depending on the place where you are getting the hickey. For instance, a hickey in the depression of the neck can be a very intimate thing.

Secret Message Kiss

A secret message kiss can be executed in the middle of a French Kiss. You can spell out the message with the tip of your tongue. Sometimes, it is considered to be a bit silly and funny.

The Vampire Kiss

This is a deep kiss in the depression of the neck and it involves a little sucking and biting on the skin. It is somewhat painful and heavy sucking can also lead to a hickey.

The Wet Kiss

The wet kisses involve open-mouthed kisses with or without the use of a tongue. Too much saliva can be a bit sloppy so you have to take into consideration the amount of saliva that you let go. Just be careful that you do not drool over the face of your partner.

The Lizard Kiss

The Lizard Kiss involves flicking your tongue in and out of your partner’s mouth in light and quick strokes. It is a silly kiss that is just for fun and should be avoided since it can get a bit creepy at times.

The Air Kiss

This is a sophisticated gesture that is usually used to greet friends and relatives. When you are hugging a friend, simply place your cheek against theirs and blow kisses into the air sounding muah muah.

The Tease Kiss

When your partner is asleep, you can begin kissing them on the forehead and then keep on proceeding down their body. It is quite a romantic way to wake up your partner.

The Biting Kiss

Some people like this type of a kiss while there are others who think that it is weird and painful. It is a bit like the French kiss and involves open mouths and tongues. One of the persons will pull back their lips and bare their teeth, grabbing their partner’s tongue with them.

The Angel Kiss

Giving someone an angel kiss means that you kiss them gently on their eyelids or right next to their eye, using only lips and no tongue. You can use this kiss to to wake up your partner or say goodbye to someone.

Intimate Throat Kiss

If you are looking for a passionate kiss, this is what you want. You have to grab your girlfriend tightly and then you start kissing each other. The lips are open wide in this kiss and when you feel the passion flowing, start to go deep in your partner’s mouth until you reach their throat.

The Dancing Kiss

In order to get this kiss right, you have to be dancing with your partner in your arms. When you start the kiss, you begin to turn and swirl around as if you are in a ball dance or performing salsa. Let the kiss lead the way and be the music to your dance.

The Neck Kiss

After you have been French kissing your partner for a while, things can get a little monotonous. In order to spice things up, you can start to move in a downwards direction and start a French kiss on your partner’s neck. Do not overdo the saliva and simply keep the focus on the motion of your lips.

The Jawline Kiss

You should go for this kiss when you are all about avoiding the traditional kiss. You begin by planting a firm kiss on the bottom of their jaw and then trailing it all across the jaw to the neck. If your partner likes the kiss, try kissing their earlobes too.

Kiss Full Of Surprises

This is a kiss full of passion and surprises. You can cook up any surprise in this kiss. For instance, you can combine kissing and stripping. Start to strip down your partner’s clothes between passionate kisses and it will leave them wondering about what’s next.

Breathing Kiss

It is more of a game than a regular kiss. All you have to do is take a deep breath and lock your lips with your partner. Then slowly exhale into their mouth while they breathe in your exhaled air and do the same to you. This goes on until you both run out of breath.

The Love Kiss

When you have loving emotions going on in your mind, it begins to show in your kisses too. It makes the kiss soft and sweet and it does not matter where you plant the kiss, as long as it is full of love.

Belly Shot Kiss

You start the kiss by pouring a drink in your partner’s belly button. Then, you start to kiss and suck the drink out of the belly button. Everything ends with a deep kiss on the navel and it would truly arouse your partner and then they return the favor.

Beverage Kiss

This type of a kiss is often seen in different nightclubs, pubs, and bars. In order to get this kiss right, you have to take a sip of your drink and then pour it into your partner’s mouth while kissing them.

The Fast Slow Bang Kiss

This kiss will leave you and your partner satisfied. Grab your girl from her waist and pull her towards you. Just before the kiss, pause and look deep into her eyes. Then, you need to kiss her quickly and keep the hold on her hair or head.

A Kiss Full Of Promise

Kissing in this way can help you increase the faith and trust of your partner in you. They usually accompany an emotional moment and the proper way to go about it is by holding your partner’s cheeks in your hands and telling them how much you love and adore them. You can make a promise of a forever with them and then kiss them on their lips or forehead.

Sensually Desired Kiss

This kiss is mixed with frustration of a sensual desire. You grab on to your partner tight and kiss them, all the while moving away after some seconds. It keeps your partner yearning for more and they will grab you tighter and begin to kiss you harder.

Full Body Touch Kiss

You begin by pushing your partner into a wall so that they do not have any escape room. Then you lean on them from the side while keeping one hand on the wall and then kissing them on the lips and the neck. Your bodies remain in full contact all the time.

Love Bite Kiss

This is quite like the hickey but a bit softer. You begin by kissing your partner on the neck, shoulder, back, tummy, breasts, or cheeks and then while you are kissing her, you start to suck on their skin until it leaves a red mark.

The Laughter Kiss

In order to get this right, you have to have a good sense of humor. In the middle of a kiss, crack a joke and then the two of you burst into laughter.

The Talking Kiss

The talking kiss involves talking to your partner with a heavy breath and in whispers while you are kissing them. This type of a kiss shows how much you care about your relationship.

Flying Kiss

There will be times in a relationship when you have to hurry out without saying a proper goodbye. At such times, you and your partner would give each other flying kisses from afar to let each other know that you love the other.

Stop-And-Go Kiss

Ever made out every time you come across a stop sign or a red light? This could be quite adventurous and erotic since you will be indulging in a public display of affection.

Blow Kiss

This would come as a surprise for your partner. As you are making out with your partner, suddenly blow some air into their mouth until their cheeks inflate. It could be quite fun and your partner will surely love the spontaneity.

Kiss With Bubbles

Fill up a bathtub with some water and then add bathing salts and tub gel to it to make a lot of bubbles. Then, enter the bathtub with your partner and spend some time making out and hugging in the warmth of the water.

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