These Boyfriends And Husbands Have Raised The Bar Too High

Everyone loves getting presents. The difficult part is choosing a present that your loved one will appreciate and make use out of. Choosing the perfect present is an art in itself. While some people are quite the artists in this, there are others who have failed miserably. We have chosen to focus on the bright side and created a list of husbands and boyfriends who have raised the bar too high by choosing the ultimate presents.

8-Bit V-Day Room


This husband created an 8-bit decoration out of more than 7,000 memories just to surprise his wife on Valentine’s Day. All the memories were written on colored sticky notes and he created art out of paper.

A Window Seat For Her


This is one of the most dedicated husbands out there. His wife went away for 48 hours on a business trip and he created a window seat for her which she wanted so much. While she was away, he got out his tools and got to work.

The Weighing Scale


The missus was very conscious of her weight. She kept checking her weight on the bathroom scale multiple times a day. So, her husband replaced the writings on the scale so that she would always come out of the bathroom with a smile on her face.

Leather Messenger Bag


This guy made a leather bag for his girlfriend who was studying in college. She really appreciated the gift since she could put in all her books and her laptop in the bag when going to the college, and it is very stylish too.

Year-Around Fun


This is a gift that is going to last your loved one a whole year. You can open one handwritten note every day and within 365 days, you will have read many moments and memories, quotes and lyrics, and reasons why your partner loves you.

Artificial Fireplace


The girl in the house wanted a place to hang the stockings during Christmas but they did not have a fireplace where they could do so. The boyfriend decided to get to work and he built a fireplace out of cardboard and paper so that they could hang the stockings there.

Paper Bouquet


This couple did not have a lot of money but the boyfriend still wanted to do something for his girlfriend. When she came back home, she found a surprise waiting for her in the form of a bouquet of paper lilies.

Adult Fort


Remember the forts that you made when you were a kid? There were all sorts of games that you could play in the fort. This guy did something similar and created a for only for adults where there was food in the fort and television streaming Netflix.

Gardener Husband


The husband has been tending to the garden for 28 years and this year, he decided to send a little message through his gardening. He wrote I Love You to his wife in the plants and it is quite amazing.

Puppy Love


Sara here wanted this puppy for a long time but she thought it had already been adopted. Her boyfriend, Rich, made sure that she would be happy by giving her the puppy as a surprise one morning when she woke up.

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