These Ingenious Tricks Work On Every Car

When we buy a car, we are often told about all the features by the salesman at the dealership. They include the features in their pitch to persuade us towards the models that are going to fetch them the most profits. However, there are some features in every car that even they do not know about and the drivers come to know about them only after a few years of buying their car. Here are some of these features that you can go out and check in your car too.

Car Owners With Kids

It can be pretty tough to keep kids’ essentials in sight and within reach in a car. To save yourself the stress of searching frantically for the cream container or diapers hidden in a corner, a shower organiser does the trick. Simply attach it to any of the front seats, and insert the objects in the spaces. The shower storage achieves a twin purpose of keeping the baby essentials organised and easy to reach. Need something? You know where to check. A simple hack useful both for long-term and new car owners.

Car Repair Hack

When a car breaks down, some mechanics use the avenue to extort owners by claiming multiple damages. Since most car owners are not professionals in this field or have no knowledge of car repair, mechanics play on this. To prevent this, ask the mechanic about a part of the car you know functions well. It could be two parts. Ask innocently as if looking for answers. The response determines if the mechanic is quite honest about the car’s fault or looking to extort you. A simple but effective car hack.

How to Remove Old Car Stickers

Stickers are pretty, but over time start to appear old or even boring. Removing them is tedious and tacky as the glue holds stickers strongly to the window, therefore the surface is messed when removed. To avoid this, get a piece of newspaper. Soak it in warm water and paste it over the stickers for about 10 mins. After the suggested duration, the sticker would come off easily and neatly leaving no mess behind. Adhere strictly to this hack, avoid pouring hot water on the windshield of a car to avoid damages.

Keeping Paper Towels Clean and Accessible

Some cars come with spaces to put paper towels. Well, this hack applies to cars without one. So here it goes. Firstly, you have to get a covered coffee cup. On the lid, create a slice of opening (if one isn’t present). Use this to store paper towels and pull some through the opening on the lid. It’s a simple and easy-to-achieve car hack. It keeps the paper towel clean, and it can be placed in an accessible part of the car.

How to Make a Simple Smartphone Holder

On the vent of a car, you can create a smartphone holder with just a rubber band. Yes, it is that simple and cheap. As the image suggests, simply put a piece of a rubber band or two pieces for better grip. Run it behind the vent and ensure the two ends are hanging out. Any time a smartphone needs to be hanged, put it between the edges hanging out. This car hack is cheap, effective, and fits all sizes and shapes of devices. Often, it’s used in the absence of a proper smartphone holder.

Car Parking Hack for Amateurs

For new car owners who just got a license may find it difficult to park accurately. To get the balance right, get a tennis ball or any small but brightly colored object. Tie any of these above the car so that it’s close to the windshield. By doing this, whenever it’s time to park, the hanging ball or object indicates the parking is accurate and the driver shouldn’t go any further. The object should be fixed when the car is well parked to get the correct parking axis.

Cleaning Hard to Reach Areas of a Car

Car cleaning, especially when it’s done as DIY can be stressful without the right tools. In the interior of a car, some vents accumulate dust and may be hard to reach to properly clean them out. Without purchasing any sophisticated tool, a paintbrush will do an amazing job. The size of the paintbrush is perfect to fit in small spaces and with the tip of the brush, such areas are cleaned easily. There goes a simple car hack that is easy to copy. An appropriate paintbrush is not difficult to find. You may even have purchased one.

The “Preparedness” Car Hack

This is more of preparing for unforeseen occurrences than a hack. Get a box, then fill it with survival items; spare cell phone, first aid kit, bottled water, and canned foods. Should you get trapped in your car or have to flee a certain place with your car, the survival or emergency box keeps you going. While many may see it as old-fashioned, this is a life-saving hack that has saved countless lives. It doesn’t hurt to try it out. Common suggestions for this practice are to replace the edibles that can expire regularly.

Increasing the Range of the Car Key Fob

Perhaps due to distance, interference, or the range of a car key, it may be impossible to lock or unlock a car from a long-range. There’s an effective hack that can help you increase the range of the car key fob. Place the car key to the chin and engage any button. By doing this, the range of the fob increases — just like that! The way this works is simple logic; by placing the key close to the chin, the brain waves increase the range of the fob to cover more distance than it would normally.

Check Tires With Coins

Popularly called the penny test, this coin test is cheap and effective in checking the condition of a tire. To use a penny, get one with the famous Lincoln facing downwards. By placing the coin downwards, its length helps to check the grip of a tire. Check for the lines on a tire placing the coin downwards and check if the tread gets to the forehead of Lincoln. If it does, then the tire is in excellent condition. If just the tip is covered or before the head of Lincoln engraved on it, then it’s time to replace the tires.

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